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Month: July 2019

What does sex look like after 30 years of sex?

What does sex look like after 30 years of sex?

After 30 years, I was still thinking about what I wanted. I have taken inspiration from life and my boyfriend. All the gifts I received from my parents, grandparents and friends over the years have been reviewed. Everything I received from my grandparents, my parents and my friends. I also received toys from some, while others gave me clothes.

I was offered vacations and paid for my car’s lease by others. Yet, I was not as pleased with the gifts that were offered to me. Perhaps because I believed everything was perfect for me…

I was …. liked by men regardless of my age. I was attracted to me by men, regardless of my age.

Their lust is evident in my eyes… I feel their vulgar affections whenever they try to touch me… and they let me because I love to have sex and to be loved. I enjoyed feeling possessed until the age of 30… I wanted to leave men with wonderful memories… to never forget about me and to always remember me as the special woman in their lives. Things changed over the years.

At the age of 30 I feel compelled to move by the man who moves inside me. He gasps in mine ear and whispers vulgar sentences to me with the impression that it excites him. I get tired of their cries from the moment I let them go. I feel even more tired when they approach me immediately afterwards and ask me: “It’s good, you enjoyed it too, didn’t you?” “. The hardest part is me, because I don’t have the courage and will to tell them everything I think. Normal

Perhaps after 30 years, the woman has changed or perhaps after 30 years, we are more mature and realize that not everything we used to like is wrong. But, we don’t have the courage or the will to speak the truth because we fear being alone without men. Without being kissed or cared for…

Then we close our eyes, hoping that the Beautiful Fat, who is good and kind, will come to us. He will free us from the trap of the rats, and will allow us to be true to ourselves, not live in a lie. Let’s tell the libidinal boss that he came to us and warn him that we will call his wife to inform her about what’s wrong at her door.

Let’s not be afraid to turn down the advances of some macho men in our group… Let’s just be able say anytime: I’m an independent woman, and I’m proud of it! To be able to have sex again with the same passion that we had in the beginning of our sex lives. It was those moments that we felt thousands of butterflies in our stomachs and waited for his penis to penetrate us, and to feel every inch of it enter us and give us unforgettable moments.