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Why are men watching XXX films?

Why are men watching XXX films?

Consider life before the internet. Only the VCR rental shop side room contained pornography. This was where men went and came to try not to be noticed.

If a child was fortunate enough, his father could have a personal collection that he could see when he was at home alone.

Since the days of pornography, which has been a cause of conflict between couples ever since printed magazines were sold in deplorable parts of cities, it’s been difficult to find and view.

According to studies, 90% of pornography can be viewed online and 10% from old DVDs. Additionally, single men viewed an average 40 minutes of pornography every week. Those in a relationship viewed an average 1.5 minutes per week for approximately 20 minutes. minutes.

The same study that concluded it had no negative impact on men found their man pornographically watching, is also available.

Pornography allows men to discover new experiences, enjoy this experience on reliable, mobile friendly sources such as Pornography is not about an emotional connection. It’s all about how he feels about his woman.

Although having more sex can decrease a person’s need for pornography, even if it is with the most desirable women, men will still seek out pornography whenever it becomes available.

Let us begin by assuring and reminding that this is not a negative practice (as long it doesn’t become a true addiction that affects work or sentimental lives) and that it is not a taboo topic that should be treated with shame or guilt.


Modern life is so routine and devoid of emotion that it makes our days very repetitive. We become so absorbed in the routines that we lose sight of ourselves and instead focus on the work or study required.

Pornography exists in order to break the boredom cycle. Although it deals with “the exact same argument”, it’s images still achieve its mission which is to excite people who see them.

The feeling of power

This is not a male addiction. Everyone likes to feel strong and that everything revolves around them. Except for the occasion of a birthday or an achievement, this situation is not common in real life.

Pornography shows that the protagonists are full of hedonism and spend their time pleasing each other. Men occupy the most prominent part. This makes the viewer feel strong and develops empathy for the protagonist.

I am macho

Pornography is clearly a macho expression in which women succumb to men too easily. Many of these productions appeal mainly to men’s fantasies… uniforms, sex toys and other secrets that aren’t revealed. They can even feel like they are part of the pornosphere, even as third wheels.

Scientific reasons

Pornography stimulates some parts of the brain. Men have a permanent disposition for sex (more than women) because of their male instinct to “multiply all the species”.


What is the reason men have sex or masturbating sometimes? Boredom. This is also true for xxnx videos. These videos are a great way for them to have fun and not get bored. These practices are not necessarily bad.

Learn more

You can learn a lot from watching porn movies (or more) about sex and how to please others. You can learn more by seeing it in action. People often remember porn movies they saw and attempt to copy them when they can to impress their spouses.


Many men watch porn videos and movies because they are curious. It’s something their friends discuss, the internet discusses it, and even their brothers enjoy it. So why do they love these movies so much, you ask?


If men feel their sex lives have become boring and repetitive, they might look for new ways to practice them in bed. There are many options, and you don’t have to believe that you will find one in porn.