Unprotected sex poses serious risks

Unprotected sex poses serious risks

It is essential to take precautions in order to avoid suffering after pleasure. Condoms are the best protection against sexually transmitted disease. Germs transmitted through unprotected sex can cause sexually transmitted diseases.

These are the risks and dangers of unprotected sexual activity. We also provide quick treatment options and the most important symptoms.


Gonococcus is the cause of gonorrhea. After a few days, a yellow fluid begins to form from his penis. The woman has small leaks. This bacterium can cause inflammation of the vagina and salpingitis. It can also lead to sterility. This bacterium can be treated quickly and easily with antibiotics.

The bacteria Chlamzdiae Trachomatis grows quietly. In the case of the woman, it can cause pain, burns, and leaks. These bacteria can lead to urethritis and salpingitis, as well as infertility. Antibiotics are used to treat the condition.

Gardnerella vaginalis is most commonly responsible for vaginitis, inflammation of the neck and odorous white discharge.

Group B streptococcus can cause vulvo-vaginitis in women.

Syphilis is caused by the pale treponema. The disease can be transmitted through unprotected sex and transfusions. The disease can also be transmitted to the baby if the mother is pregnant. A soft spot is the first sign you may have syphilis. If given in the early stages, penicillin is an effective antibiotic.

Mycoplasmas can cause burning and leakage in women and itching in the men.

Parasites and cypresses

Candida albicans, a fungus, is usually found in the body. However, it can grow in the genitals if certain factors are present. It can cause inflammation, itching, and even burns and swelling. The leaked substances are usually white and can show clots. The treatment can be applied topically, or taken orally.

Trichomonas Vaginalis, a parasite, causes white, greenish, foul-smelling, and sometimes even liquid, discharges in women. The man will feel only mild itching or burning. Local treatment can be given, or oral tablets may be taken.


Genital lesions are caused by the herpes virus type 2. These include red, rough plaques with small blisters that break off. A crust will form on the surface of the lesions after they have broken. This crust will eventually fall off within a few days. Many effective products are available to speed up healing and relieve pain.

Chronic or acute hepatitis can be caused by the hepatitis B viral. It can be transmitted sexually or bloody. The disease can be transmitted to the baby if the mother is pregnant. There is a vaccine that can prevent this disease from happening.

Vaginal infections can be caused by cytomegalovirus. These symptoms are similar to a flu syndrome. There is a high risk of contamination from mother to child.

HIV can remain in the body for many years before causing AIDS. New treatments make it possible for the disease to slow down.

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